Feedback Needed for Symposium Date

I’m seeking feedback from anyone who hopes to attend this year’s symposium. The two possible dates for it are Monday May 20, or Saturday May 18, and I’m wondering which of those two dates would be more amenable to potential attendees. Commencement is on Tuesday May 21st, for what that matters. Both dates fall after the end of the regular semester, so the campus will be fairly quiet by that point (plus side: plenty of parking!). The Monday date would probably have a better chance of getting more program faculty to attend, just because it’s a work day so more faculty will be meandering around campus anyway; but for that same reason Monday might not be a viable day for possible grad-student or alumni attendees if they’re at work. Anyone who plans or hopes to attend, please send me an email at and let me know which of the days would work better for you, especially if you could make one day but not the other. In the end I’ll just go with whichever day gets the most votes from the students and alumni who plan to attend.

Even if you have no preference but hope to attend, please email me to let me know that. This feedback process is going to give me a sense of how many attendees we might have at all. Keep in mind that attendees can read papers at the event (highly encouraged, and I’ll explain more about that in an upcoming blog post) or can elect to be an audience member and just enjoy the camaraderie, enjoy meeting some fellow students, alumni, and faculty, and enjoy the complimentary catered lunch.

For those wanting to learn more about the symposium, refer to the blog posts about symposiums from the past few years. Click here to read about last year’s event. Click here to read about the 2017 event. And click here’s to read about the 2016 event.