Fall (and Summer) Course Schedules and Tentative Registration Date

At the moment registration for summer and fall courses is set to open on March 9th. This date could change, and if it does I will update the information here. Registration opens usually around 9am eastern time on the day indicated; literally it opens when the Registrar gets to work that morning and flips the digital switch to turn on the system. The summer and fall courses are listed below. A post including a more thorough description of each course as well as book orders for these will be posted in the future.


  • ENGL 517 Advanced Creative Writing (Dr. Keckler)
  • ENGL 560 Magical Realism (Dr. Vasile)


  • ENGL 500 Theory & Practice of Literary Criticism (Dr. Kilpatrick)
  • ENGL 510 Theory & Practice of Expository Writing (Dr. Proszak)
  • ENGL 522 Humanism in Renaissance Texts (Dr. Fritz)
  • ENGL 526 Modernism (Dr. Sax)
  • ENGL 541 Search for Identity in American Lit (Dr. Loots)