Spring Semester Begins 1/19. Also, a Look Ahead at Summer and Fall Course Offerings.

Happy new year to the MA English Literature Program community. Our spring semester begins this coming Wednesday, 1/19. Keep in mind that different professors will open their courses at different times on 1/19. Some might open them in the morning, others might open them later that night. All courses will open at some point on 1/19.

Summer and fall registration is tentatively scheduled to begin simultaneously on March 9 for priority registrants (which means military, veteran, and athlete). General registration usually opens the following Wednesday. I will update specific registration dates here on the blog once they have been firmly established. Active graduate students must be enrolled in courses during each fall and spring semester. Summer semester is optional. In the past the vast majority of our students followed the traditional college schedule of fall and spring studies, taking summers off; and as a result we would only run a few summer courses for the occasional student interested in summer studies. Recently, however, more students have been expressing interest in summer courses, and so we have been running a bit more summer offerings than before. This summer we are planning to run four courses. This fall we are planning to run seven courses. The following schedules are in pencil, not pen, and so are subject to change, however the current plan is as follows:

Summer 2022:

  • Animals in Literature (Dr. Sax)
  • Monsters (Dr. Dugan)
  • LGBTQIA+ Literature (Dr. Medoff)
  • Contemporary African Literature (Dr. Morales)

Fall 2022:

  • Theory (Dr. Kilpatrick)
  • Transformations of the Epic (Dr. Sax)
  • James Joyce’s Ulysses (Dr. Loots)
  • Magical Realism (Dr. Reissig-Vasile)
  • Shakespeare: Family Dynamics & Reputation (Dr. Ward)
  • Working Women in the USA 1865 – Present (Dr. Gogol)
  • Black Writing in the Diaspora (Dr. Morales)

Students with a strong desire to take any particular course should pay close attention to registration dates/times, and should plan to register first thing in the morning when registration opens. Some courses fill up very quickly; even within the first few hours of registration. Once a course is full, it’s full, and students thereafter will need to select from whatever courses still have open seats. Further details about summer and fall registration, as well as descriptions for each of these courses, will be shared in a future blog post in late February.

Here’s to the new year, and to the start of our spring semester!