How to register for more than one 514 or 515 course during a semester

As some of you may have noticed, the online registration system prevents you from enrolling in more than one 514 or 515 course during a semester (currently we’re running two 515s for the fall). This is because the software isn’t smart enough to know that multiple instances of the course code are different courses, it only sees a repetition of the same course code and so locks you out of signing up twice for what it thinks is the same course. You of course can sign up for two such courses, and the way you do that is by using the online registration system to sign up for one, then contacting me at and expressing to me that you would like to be enrolled in the other as well. Provided that the other has seats open, I can make it happen easily.

Anyone Hoping to Graduate this Spring Must Have Completed the Comp Exam By Now

Hi all, the Comprehensive Examination is a requirement for the degree. Everyone needs to take it and the proper time, determined by the Registrar’s Office, to take it is before the beginning of ENGL 516, your final-semester Thesis Seminar course. That means everyone taking the Thesis Seminar should have completed the Comp Exam by this point. If you are in ENGL 516 and you have not completed the Comp Exam, you must contact me immediately. I will send you the exam and you will administer it to yourself. At that point, whether or not the Registrar processes the result in time for spring graduation is entirely in her court. Contact me if you have any questions about this at Thanks all.