Book Lists for Some Spring 2017 Courses

Hi all, here are some of the book orders for spring 2017 MA courses. These might not be comprehensive lists for your course as some professors are still considering various readings for the spring semester. You should be able to buy any of these through Mercy’s online bookstore (this list just duplicates what you should be seeing in the Mercy bookstore). Or you can buy them elsewhere, probably for much cheaper.

ENGL 507 Narrative Strategies (Dr. Dugan)

  • Bronte, Emily. Wuthering Heights, 4th Norton Critical Edition.  London:Wordsworth, 2000. 13-978-039397895
  • Ford, Ford Madox. The Good Soldier. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2012. 878-0-958594-6
  • Ishiguro, Kazuo. Never Let Me Go. NY: Vintage International Edition, 2005. 13-978-1-4000-7877-6
  • James, Henry. The Bostonians. Penguin Classics, NY, 2000. 978-0-140-43766-9
  • Rhys, Jean. Wide Sargasso Sea (edition TBD–check online Mercy bookstore for specific edition)
  • Smith, Zadie. White Teeth. NY: Vintage International, 2001. 978-0- 375-70386-1
  • Stoker, Bram. Dracula. Mineola,NY: Dover Thrift, 2000. 13-978-0-486-41109-5

ENGL 522 Humanism/Renaissance Texts (Dr. Fritz)

Primary sources for the course will be identified later in the course syllabus and links to those sources provided in Blackboard. Here is the required supporting text for the course:

  • The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Humanism (Cambridge Companions to Literature). 1st Edition. Ed. Jill Kraye. Cambridge: Cambridge UP.  2011. Print. ISBN: 9780521436243. Paperback.

ENGL 540 Animals in Literature (Dr. Sax)

  • Melson, Gail F. Why the Wild Things Are: Animals in the Lives of Children. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 2001. ISBN—0674017528.
  • Sax, Boria. The Mythical Zoo: Animals in Life, Legend and Literature. 2nd ed. New York: Overlook, 2013. ISBN—1468307207.
  • Sewell, Anna. Black Beauty. New York: Penguin, 2011. ISBN— 0143106473
  • Tatar, Maria, ed. The Classic Fairy Tales. New York: Norton, 1999. ISBN—0-393-97277-1.
  • White, E. B. Charlotte’s Web. New York: HarperCollins, 2001. ISBN—0064410935.

ENGL 545 Lit of the Left Bank Paris (Dr. Loots)

This course involves other readings than the ones listed below but PDFs of these other readings will be provided (they’re mostly out of print and difficult to secure otherwise.) If a student wants to read ahead for the semester, you can’t go wrong reading as much of the Benstock book as you like. I’ll be assigning various chapters from it throughout the semester.

  • Benstock, Shari. Women of the Left Bank: Paris, 1900-1940. ISBN-13: 978-0292790407
  • Breton, Andre. Nadja. ISBN-13: 978-0802150264
  • Hemingway, Ernest. A Moveable Feast Scribner. ISBN-13: 9780684824994
  • Loy, Mina. The Lost Lunar Baedeker: Poems of Mina Loy. ISBN-13: 978-0374525071
  • Stein, Gertrude. Selected Writings of Gertrude Stein. ISBN-13: 978-0679724643
  • Wharton, Edith. Roman Fever and Other Stories. ISBN-13: 978-0684829906

ENGL 546 Working Women in the US (Dr. Gogol)

  • Ware, Susan.  Modern American Women: A Documentary History. Second Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2000.
  • Baxandall, Rosalyn Fraad and Linda Gordon. America’s Working Women: A Documentary History,  1600 to the Present (1976). Revised  and updated. New York: Norton, 1995.
  • Schneir, Miriam, Ed. Feminism in Our Time: The Essential Writings: World War II to the Present. New York: Vintage Books,  1994.
  • Browne, Rita Mae. Rubyfruit Jungle.

ENGL 560 Latino Literature (Dr. Reissig-Vasile)

Other readings will be listed in the course syllabus when the class opens. For now, these are books you’ll need early in the semester.

  • Anaya, Rudolfo. Bless me Ultima. Grand Central Pub, 1995. ISBN-13: 9780446600255
  • Garcia, Cristina. Dreaming in Cuban. Ballantine Books, 1993. ISBN-13: 9780345381439