The 10-Course Audit for your MA Degree

A “degree audit” is a template that I and your advisors look at when trying to determine what courses you still need to take to earn your MA degree, as well as to see how courses you’ve already completed work toward your degree. This audit is the new one, implemented just this past semester. We’re in a transitional phase where some of you are working under the previous audit, and some of you are working under this new audit. The audits are very similar and I and your advisors are making sure that all of your completed coursework counts toward your degree. Still, this audit uses new catalog numbers (for example, the 501 Medieval course which many of you have taken is henceforth 521 in the new order) so for students who have been in the program a while this audit might seem a little confusing. You still can and should contact me and/or your advisor for help with course selection, but I wanted to share this 10-course degree audit with you so that you have a clear view into the course requirements for the MA degree. Other than the final 599 course, which is always taken during the final semester, there is no required sequence in which to complete this coursework.

  1. ENGL 500 Theory of Criticism (required of all students)
  2. One course from 505-510, or 517
  3. One course from 521-540
  4. One course from 541-560
  5. One additional course from 521-560
  6. Elective – Any course from 501-598
  7. Elective – Any course from 501-598
  8. Elective – Any course from 501-598
  9. Elective – Any course from 501-598
  10. ENGL 599 Master’s Thesis Tutorial