Spring 2017 Semester Begins on Wednesday January 18.

Just as a reminder, the spring semester begins on Wednesday 1/18. Blackboard sections actually become visible to students on Wednesday 1/4, two weeks ahead of time. Don’t be surprised if you see a Blackboard section in some disarray if you check into it prior to the semester start. Ideally, I suppose, professors will have their online courses either totally built, loaded, and sorted, or will at least have the “behind the scenes” chaos smartly hidden from view (group me in the latter category) some two weeks before the start of the semester. But a number of professors are still be on holiday, and some won’t even be aware that their spring courses are becoming visible to students some two weeks prior to the semester’s start. Rest assured that on 1/18 at the start of the spring semester everything will look as it should. Happy new year, everyone. -CL