Spring Reg opens 11/5 at 9:00am Eastern

As the title says, registration for spring 2015 courses opens on Wednesday 11/5 at 9am in the morning. If there are courses you definitely don’t want to miss, make sure you register early. Seat caps in all courses are hard, meaning once the course is full, it is closed (unless of course someone later drops the course which opens a seat). If you have any questions for how to register in courses using the online system, be sure to speak with your graduate advisor.

FOR ANYONE WHO PLANS TO REGISTER FOR THEIR FINAL THESIS COURSE (formerly 516, now 599) IN THE SPRING: You don’t register for your thesis course using online registration. What you’ll do is work over the next few months with your selected mentor, sending the mentor a thesis proposal, possibly going back and forth. Once the mentor tells me you’re ready, I put in a form and you’re automatically enrolled in your thesis course with the mentor. There’s no limit to the amount of thesis courses I can open and I can open them up as late as the first week of the semester, so there’s no hurry or reason to worry either. To read more about the process, look for and click on the “thesis seminar” category on the right hand side of the blog.

Finally, you may have noted that though the course offerings below remain the same, the catalog numbers for them are shifting around a little. This is because I’m trying to update the info there to match changing information regarding what the Registrar is doing with our new courses and catalog codes (which she controls). Once the schedule goes up it will be settled. If you haven’t noticed and don’t know what I’m talking about, all the better.