For those in ENGL 500 and on the waitlist:

Due to the large number of students on the wait list for this fall’s ENGL 500 we’ve decided to split off a new section of 500. Since the single section had 20 students and 7 waitlisted, each of the two sections will now have approximately 14 students when we’re done setting this all up. Both sections are being taught by the same professor, our theory specialist. Some of the 20 currently registered students will be moved to the new section to balance the student ratio, and it will all be the same regardless which section you’re in unless you were trying to get into a section with a particular friend of yours. If that’s the case let me know ( Otherwise we’ll do everything here behind the scenes and come fall, all of those currently enrolled and currently on the waitlist will find themselves in one or the other 500 section. We usually run 500 once each fall but this was an unusual situation and some students were desperate to take it this semester in order to graduate. Next fall we’re planning to enroll students in 500 from our side of the system, in order to ensure that no students who need the course in order to graduate on schedule find themselves closed out of the course, as happened this time around. No worries, all will be well, and now all of you on the waitlist will be able to take 500 this semester as you hoped to do. -CL