Seeking Alumni News and Updates: Let Us Know What You’re Doing!

We here in the MA faculty often wonder what our MA grads are up to, where you are in the world, what you’re doing (whether with the MA degree, or otherwise). A number of former students do keep in touch with some professors, and each of you should always be trying to build some rapport with at least one of your professors, if even just for the practical reasons that (a) you’ll need to pick one of us to lead your final 599 thesis course, and (b) you should have at least one faculty member to turn to with professional questions and concerns after your time in the program. But on the program-level I’d like to build a better alumni-relations system, something by which we here can get and maintain a sense of what our graduate community is up to. One immediate reason is that the Mercy College School of Liberal Arts in which our program is housed is starting up a newsletter and wants to be able to list some alumni news; for another thing, the MA program itself might in the future put together its own alumni newsletter if we can get a large enough response to this call.

So, if you’re a graduate of the MA program, do me a favor and keep in touch. At the very least it would be good to have updated contact information for each of you. Beyond that we’d love to hear about anything you’re doing or achieving or working on beyond the MA. Have you gone on to a PhD program? Earned a PhD? Are you teaching anywhere whether part time or full time be it in K-12, community college, or beyond? Finished or published any poems, stories, or critical essays? Written a book? Done any stage performance? Read aloud at a spoken-word event? Any other professional or non-professional accomplishments to note? Drop me an email, now or at anytime in the future, at and do let me know. At the very least I’ll finally be able to answer when this or that professor asks me in the hall “hey what have our MA graduates been up to lately?” We want to know!