Comp Exams Have Been Mailed to Spring 599 Students

If you’re planning to take the 599 thesis tutorial course in spring 2016 you should check your email now. I have just today sent out the comprehensive examination to everyone I have listed as entering the 599 in the spring (everyone who has not already completed the exam, that is). You must successfully pass the exam in order to be able to enter the 599 course. So if you’re planning to take the 599 course in the spring go check your email now and verify if you’ve received the exam. I sent it to whatever accounts you have on record with the college, so you might see the same email in multiple places. Please read the email fully and reply to it immediately to confirm receipt. The email as well as the exam attachment include thorough instructions and the due-date. If you’re reading this and (a) do not see any exam awaiting you in your email inbox, and/or (b) do not see a 599 section on your spring schedule yet, you should contact me at to clear this up.