Applying for Degree Conferral

Students entering their final semester should be aware that they must apply for degree conferral in order to receive their degree after completing the program’s degree requirements. The college officially confers degrees at three times during the year: in February (intended for students who completed their requirements in December); in May (intended for students who complete their requirements that spring semester); and in August (intended for students who complete their requirements that summer semester).  The application deadline for each of these dates falls well ahead of the conferral date, though.

That means that all students entering their 599 sections this semester should be completing that degree application soon. Should you not apply for degree conferral on time, it just means that your official conferral date would be pushed back to some point after you do actually apply; should you apply and not complete the requirements for the degree that semester, then your conferral is simply paused until a later date. Your advisors in the Student Services offices typically alert relevant students to the need to apply for degree conferral,  but you should be aware of this and take ownership of your degree conferral situation. The complete procedures and form can be found here on the Mercy College website.