Volunteers needed to share thoughts on the MA program.

The MA program is undergoing what’s called a program self-study. It’s something that all programs at accredited institutions do on a periodic basis. At Mercy we do this process every five years. It involves a number of steps, one of which is an external reviewer (meaning an English faculty member from a different graduate English program) taking a look at every aspect of our program and writing up an evaluation of us. An external reviewer usually wants to talk to a few students to get their take on their MA program. This can include current students and alumni.

So, I’m looking for volunteers to be included on a list of potential contacts for our external reviewer. If you are in the program or have graduated from the program and would like to be on the list, please drop me an email at cloots@mercy.edu indicating your preferred contact method (phone or email) and preferred contact info. I’m looking for as many volunteers as possible. External reviewers usually only reach out to two or three students, but the more volunteers the reviewer has to pick from, the better. Thanks in advance to anyone who volunteers. -CL