Some Book Orders & Related Info for Spring 2018 Courses [Updated 1/2]

Below is some information about the book orders for the spring 2018 MA courses. I will update this with relevant information as professors share it with me leading up to the spring semester, and will add missing ISBNs below as I learn them. This mostly just duplicates the book orders listed for each class at the Mercy College online bookstore, but might also contain additional information that isn’t made clear by the bookstore list (for example, that for ENGL 543 you don’t need to purchase those specific books, and can rather use any source for the various readings throughout the semester if you prefer).

Note that you do not have to purchase your books through the Mercy Bookstore, but make sure that you get the right edition of a book if you purchase it elsewhere (assume that the edition matters unless your professor states otherwise). If you’re new to accessing books through the online bookstore you go to the site linked above, click to enter the textbook section, then go through a series of pull-down menus as follows: for term select SP Sem 2018; for department select ENGL; for course select whatever is the relevant course number, 509, 514, 521, 540, 543, or 560.

Below are the book orders (so far) for your spring courses.

ENGL 509 – Perspectives on the Essay

  • Jamison, Leslie. Best American Essays 2017. ISBN: 9780544817333

ENGL 514 – James & Lawrence

  • James, Henry. The Ambassadors. ISBN: 8780199538546
  • James, Henry. Daisy Miller. ISBN: 0141441348
  • James. Henry. Portrait of a Lady. ISBN: 9780141441269
  • Lawrence, D.H. Rainbow. ISBN: 0141441380
  • Lawrence, D.H. Sons and Lovers. ISBN: 048642121X
  • Lawrence, D.H. Women in Love. ISBN: 0486424588

ENGL 521 – Medieval Literature

  • Norton Anthology of English Literature, Volume A, 9th Edition. ISBN: 9780393912494

ENGL 540 – Magic in Literature

  • Hesiod. Theogony & Works and Days. ISBN: 9780192817884.
  • Hoffmann, E. T. A. The Golden Pot and Other Tales. ISBN: 0199552479.
  • Roob, Alexander. Alchemy: Mysticism. ISBN: 9783822850381.
  • Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. ISBN: 0439708184.
  • Sax, Boria. Imaginary Animals: The Monstrous, the Wondrous and the Human. ISBN: 9781780231730.
  • Shakespeare, William. Twelfth Night. ISBN: 9780140714890.
  • Yates, Frances, The Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age. ISBN: 0415254094.

ENGL 543 – American Renaissance

You are not required to use these specific books and can use any source for the readings throughout the semester. The main disadvantage of using other sources is not being on the same page should I refer to specific pages during lectures or discussions, but that’s just a minor inconvenience and won’t often be an issue. When Blackboard sections becomes visible for previewing on January 3rd I will share there some specific readings for those who might want to start reading ahead.

  • The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Volume B, 9th Edition. ISBN: 9780393264470
  • Melville, Herman. Moby Dick. Norton Critical Edition. 2nd Edition (though 1st edition works fine). ISBN: 9780393972832

ENGL 560 – African & Caribbean Literature

  • Adebayo, Ayobami. Stay With Me. ISBN: 9780451494603
  • Danticat, Edwidge. The Dew Breaker. ISBN: 9781400034291
  • Phillips, Caryl. Color Me English. ISBN: 9781595588357
  • Williams, Ray. Sing Yer Hearts Out for the Lads. ISBN: 9780713682823
  • Walcott, Derek. Omeros. ISBN: 9780374523503.