A Note About Courses Coded 514, 515, 540, and 560.

Registration has recently opened for summer and fall 2018 courses. For those who might not know, the program has four course numbers (514, 515, 540, and 560) which are not coded to specific courses, but instead work as shell numbers under which we cycle an assortment of different courses, sometimes our more experimental or newer courses. You are free to take as many instances of courses by these four numbers as you like to meet your field requirements or electives, including multiple instances of courses running by the same number: as long as the courses aren’t actually the same.

So in other words a student can take ENGL 540 Magic in Literature and ENGL 540 Mastering the Past, two different courses running at different semesters by the same 540 course code. Or, a student taking ENGL 560 African and Caribbean Lit. this spring semester can take ENGL 560 Hemingway: Modern Cryptography in the fall. As long as you’re keeping your ten-course/30-credit requirement in view, and are adhering to it, all will be fine. As a reminder, here’s that ten-course/30-credit degree requirement:

I should note that when you have multiple instances of the same course number on your transcript, it doesn’t immediately show up on your self-service degree audit in DegreeWorks (accessible in Mercy Connect, in case you didn’t know). We here go through the audits every year and manually flip a switch in the computer system that makes multiple instances of the same course number apply to the degree. That’s only to explain why if you do take multiple instances of courses running by one of these four numbers they might not immediately show up on your audit.