It’s time to take the Comp Exam (Those who plan to take 599 this fall)

If you’re planning to be in ENGL 599 Master’s Thesis Tutorial this fall, now is the time to request and complete your comprehensive exam (if you have not already done so). You obtain the exam by emailing me at and simply informing me that you need to take the exam. All potential 599 students must do this, and must successfully complete the comp exam before beginning the final 599 tutorial course. As with all elements in the program, you can complete the exam via distance learning. Upon your email prompt I reply with the exam instructions. You then have a limited amount of time in which to complete the exam following the instructions I provide, after which you email your exam responses back to me. Faculty here then evaluate the exam. So if you are approaching your final semester and are getting ready for 599, make sure you contact me asap to request and complete the comprehensive exam. -CL