The New Wait-list Feature

You may have noticed the new wait-list feature available in the online course registration system. Some of you probably know more about how this works than I do, from your first-hand experience with it, but this is what I’ve been told: when a course is filled to its seat-cap you can opt to sign up for the course’s wait-list. The order in which you get on the wait-list matters. If a seated student drops the course, the person atop the wait-list will be notified (via email I would imagine, and using whatever you’ve indicated is your “preferred” email address) that the seat is open. You are NOT auto-enrolled in the open seat; you must actively go in and enroll in the course as you would for any other course. It’s simply that the recently opened seat is reserved for you for a limited time. I’m still trying to determine exactly how long that is but I believe it’s 24 hours. If you do not claim the seat within the time-limit, the next person on the wait-list gets notified and now has the chance to take the seat. If that person doesn’t claim the seat the system keeps going down the list, notifying each next wait-listed person, until either someone claims the seat, or no one does, at which point the seat becomes open to anyone. I’ll correct this information as I learn more about this new procedure, but this is my current best understanding of how it works. -CL